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Re: Обсуждения продуктов Касперского
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Обсуждения продуктов Касперского

Доступен патч С, обновляйте и перезагружайтесь

Windows 10 compatibility fixes:

• Requirement 1203888:[BRQ][Win10RTM]remove the constraints after Win10 RTM
• Bug 1220304:Win10:Upgrade:Notification:ARK: after upgrade win8.0 to win10 product shows the notice "update is necessary" at new arkmon 010801
• Bug 1248029:[SM] IE hang in Safebanking mode (Win10 10163)
• Bug 1248063:SUPPORT: Can't add applications to Start Screen if KIS is installed

Testable fixes and features:

• Bug 1233053:SUPPORT:GUI:Wrong link on RD10
• Bug 1248046:[TAM] MS signed metro apps is blocked Win10 10163&Win8.1
• Bug 1248036:[DNT] Plugin is not clickable if there is no network

Special bugs and features (where special environment or infrastructure is needed):

• Bug 1216292:Wrong value of act-lic-status (=0) in redirect link for downgrade license
• Bug 1219608:Отсутствуют символы для сборки KasperskyLab.Kis.UI.Visuals.dll
• Bug 1222280:[KLJ] Validation doesn't work on My Account registration form
• Bug 1223771:zh-Hans-CN. License is not valid (ReinstallProduct) after update to patch A
• Bug 1229378:Don't get update settings content if network without proxy
• Bug 1248025:[Forum][Compatibility] Sometimes keyboard is not working with enabled product
• Bug 1248052:[MC] Plugin checks ALL mails in conversation in MS Outlook mails and brake grouping by Conversations when MailAV enabled
• Bug 1254070:Support: KasperskyLab.Kis.UI.Activation.ViewModel.LicenseAc tivationFailedPageViewModel error
• Bug 1196583:[PERF][KLIF] Synthetic_File_Open_Truncated_Write_Close: performance degradation due to file event callbacks
• Bug 1270807:Leak in KLip (KLIF_ENUMPROCESSINFO, ProcessTracker)
• Bug 1247267:ALS: setup is crashed during unsuccessful uninstallation incompatible software
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