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Re: Обсуждение Emsisoft Anti-Malware
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Обсуждение продуктов Emsisoft (архив до 22.03.2016)

Emsisoft Anti-Malware Final
Новое в версии Emsisoft Anti-Malware Final:
• Improved surf protection host list.
• Optimized loading of signatures.
• Display bug in scan result list fixed.
• Registry traces removal issue fixed.
• Restoring of false detected email attachments fixed.
• Problem while submitting malware during scan process fixed.
• License changing problem in running guard fixed.
• Auto update and scheduled scans scheduling problem fixed.
• Minor GUI bugs in freeware mode fixed.
• Minor problem in performance settings dialog fixed.
• Whitelist export bug fixed.
• Minor improvements in logging system.
• Added a switch to enable/disable caching in commandline scanner.
• Problem when removing malware located in archives with commandline scanner fixed.
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