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Re: Обсуждение Emsisoft Anti-Malware
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Обсуждение продуктов Emsisoft (архив до 22.03.2016)

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We just kicked off the very first round of testing for the upcoming Emsisoft Anti-Malware 7.0 release.
New anti-virus scan engine: Bitdefender
The new version fully supports Bitdefender as an additional scan engine. Our current intention is to replace IKARUS in our consumer products with Bitdefender. This is for several reasons, but the two biggest ones are the continued false positive and update issues that IKARUS causes. We chose Bitdefender due to its excellent performance as a stand alone engine that is comparable to the performance of IKARUS but without the many downfalls IKARUS has.
Речь идет о том, что бы заменить движок Икаруса на Битдефендер, из-за 2х ? длительных ложных срабатывания.
на SG Задал вопрос представителю компании.