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re: Обсуждение продуктов Avira
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Обсуждение продуктов Avira


Изменения в Avira 2012:
The upcoming edition of the Avira collection represents many exciting, unprecedented developments. As always, we’ve updated our underlying technology so it can remain the fastest, most effective antivirus in its class. But we didn’t stop there.

We designed Version 2012 with an even stronger awareness that it takes more than a superior detection engine to provide optimum protection: the product itself must be ideally matched to the customer’s needs. That’s why Version 2012 will include several updates intended to make it easier than ever for the customer to choose the right product, configure it wisely, and stay covered by an active license.

Version 2012 is focused on three pillars of success: usability, protection, stability

Bold innovation without the clutter: that’s the essence of Version 2012. A clean interface, a shortened installation process and faster operation are only a few of the striking usability enhancements. The heightened user experience reflects equally important upgrades to the core protection technology beneath the surface. Version 2012 combines solid performance with the power to outsmart malware that hides from traditional detection mechanisms.
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